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Meet the protagonists: Božidar 


Dr. Božidar F. is a historian, multidisciplinary researcher and professor at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. He is one of the initiators and the most active member of the “Occupation Borders” project, which investigates the impact of the borders with which the four occupiers (Germany, Hungary, Italy and Croatia) quartered Slovenia during the Second World War, planning to exterminate its population. 

His field research includes collecting material and recording testimonies of survivors of the Second World War. A large part of his work consists of archiving the events along the Kupa River through conversations with the older generation, people who remember the previous wires laid by the fascist authorities.

Drawing on his knowledge of history as the mother of life, Božidar reflects on possible developments and the danger of the wire on the Slovenian-Croatian border for the EU.

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