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Meet the protagonists: Yoshi Livo


Liberland is approaching its fifth anniversary. The international support for the recognition of micronation is growing. Yoshi is in his thirties and he is from the Netherlands. He is one of the very first Liberlanders, one of the first ones to believe in the dream of Liberland. He got arrested by the Croatian police when he tried docking on Liberland during the first anniversary and spent 10 days in jail in Osijek. He is still passionate and devoted to the Liberland mission and he decided to move to Sombor to be closer to Liberland.

Yoshi is a dreamer, he joined the Liberlanders hoping to really build a land of freedom. He does not want to ever go back to the Netherlands but he does not want to live in Serbia either, he is waiting for Liberland, believing that the day he will be able to live there is close.

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