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Meet the protagonists: Simon and Beatrice Marainen


Simon and Beatrice Marainen and their three children are part of the Saarivuoma community. During winter they live in a wooden house in a small hamlet called Soppero in the far north of Sweden, about 200 km above the Arctic Circle. They spend the summers in their cottage in Altevaten, Norway.

Simon Issát Marainen was born in an artistic family. His father, Thomas Marainen, is a well-known Sami poet and writer, and traditional Sami folk music, the Jojk, has always had an important place in the family. Simon became a writer, poet, and singer. He did not plan to become a herder, but faith decided otherwise.

Beatrice was born to Norwegian Sami parents. Her parents didn’t speak any Sami language, as their parents did not want them to grow up as “minority” citizens. Beatrice believes the opposite: today she teaches Sami language and culture to children.

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