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Director’s statement

Making this film about the Kupa river canyon took me to a border region where I witnessed the gradual transformation of a community over four years. The region has been cut in half by a razor wire that no one wanted, yet everyone has to live with. At the same time, it had allowed me to get an intimate look at the humanitarian crisis and violation of human rights happening as part of the current migration of the people in search of the European dream. Here, a free Europe is making its consciousness clear by bureaucratically tackling a challenge that is too big to be solved by simple decisions on offer. A community that has only recently lived together is now becoming two communities defined as ‘us and them’.

The story of this film is important to me because the changes happening in Europe on a big scale are happening here, on a small and very indicative level.

As a filmmaker, I feel these kinds of situations are precisely the ones we should be drawn to, as we are yet to learn about all the layers and the significance of the changes that are happening right in front of us.

I feel as if it was both a duty and a privilege to have had the team and the opportunity to document this moment in time.

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